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Smart Home

You’ve heard the term Smart Home, but what exactly is it. Smart Home Technology uses a computerized system to control and monitor the electronic devices in your home.

Smart Home and Home Automation are one in the same. At High Performance AV we use both terms when working with our clients.

No more running from room to room just to turn off the lights. Just touch a single button and all of your home’s electronic systems are at your command. From anywhere in your home you can access music, lights, heating, air conditioning, security cameras, and sprinklers; all from your Smart Phone, Tablet or iDevice. All of this can be done while at home or remotely from other locations such as work or while on vacation.

Press one button and your theater turns on to your favorite movie, the lights dim, the curtains open, and the sound perfectly adjusts to your selection. We consolidate the operation of all of your home electronic systems – entertainment, lighting, climate, and window treatments. We remove all the complications and make your system truly easy to operate.

High Performance AV is unique in having one of the most skilled programming teams, with a skill level advanced enough for even the most complicated systems. This ensures your system is as pleasurable to operate as it is to experience.

A common misconception is that these systems can only go into large homes. The truth in fact is we offer home automation systems that are scalable, so you have the freedom to use the system in any size residence. The end result will be a system that provides energy savings, convenience, and complete control of your residence.

We specialize in Smart Home Technology and Home Automation in the Alamo, Pleasanton and Danville California area

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